Friday, June 19, 2009

Three 'Tribal Armbands'

The famous Tribal Armbands, the only thing I got into the Student Show this last spring. The one on the brick is the weakest. I need to make some more, perhaps play with some sterling or try out keum-bo on copper. It's supposed to be possible.

I exchanged emails with Cree and found out it is true--the Harn Museum Shop takes fifty percent of the selling price. Thanks but no thanks. How can anybody make any money that way? Anyone except the Harn Museum Shop, that is.

I picked up the latest issue of Profitable Glass. I do very little glass and only could be considered a glass artist by the kindhearted and very generous. I melt some funky, organic beads from time to time and want to get back into fusing someday when I have the time, money and space. But the magazine has an article on photographing work and that crosses over from medium to medium. Bit by bit, I'll get a handle on what I'm doing photographically. I know I need to get a graded background and also something, or things, to support my pieces. Some sort of wire frames--especially if poseable/moveable--or lucite or something that can hold things up but stay out of sight.

I pulled out my copies of the latest issues of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist and Art Jewelry magazines. I was looking for an article that I'd briefly glanced at, I mean a nano second long glance, on getting publicity in the internet age. I glanced at it a little more but got already some great ideas. I signed up for a free internet newsletter from Alyson B. Stanfield and browsed around on her site. I'm enthused. I'm thinking tres seriously about signing up for her blogging triage class. That could be a great help. I did try to friend her on facebook--it was her idea after all--hey, friend me! Helas, nothing. I'm feeling...bereft and abandoned. Perhaps I have issues.

Sandi and I have another trip planned for the hinterlands. I hope she's expecting to stop at FDJ and not just the Sewing Studio and Ikea. I expect I'd go into withdrawal if I came within FDJ's sphere and didn't stop in and look around. And spend money. Probably on a Foredom drill press and vise.

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