Monday, July 13, 2009

I have my new book!

I'm so glad I checked at the desk here at Books-a-million (by the Haunted Walmart). My book had come in, on the fourth and they 'tried' to call me. And here I was cursing their name and asking myself why I hadn't ordered from Amazon or from Alyson B. Stanfield herself. All moot now. I have my book. Now I will be getting beaucoup marketing knowledge.

Bob and Martha are expecting. So now in addition to the bowl I'm learning to make as a wedding present, I'm going to make a 'christening' gift for the incoming sprog. I'm planning a teething rattler made from heavy-walled sterling tubing with jinglies added for sound. One of the simpler projects I've planned.

I need to stop dithering around and order from Hauser and Miller (reticulation silver and sterling sheet and wire), Rio (the tubing) and Storm Copper. I want to make more of the 'tribal armbands' and expand their range somewhat. I also want to try my hand at some champleve.

I need to take more pictures. I need to swing by Harmon's and see if I can find a nice graduated backdrop--black to white--to take the pictures against. I still need to get or fashion things to hold the work without busying up the picture. I should ask Pat if she has any ideas.

My new book--it's here!

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