Saturday, June 6, 2009

I miss Alphatype

I continue to play with this page and gain a little more understanding each time. Yet it is so frustrating. I want to drop the blog title--it's way too high in relation to the photo behind it, but I don't know how. I'm beginning to get a little clue of what the html means when I read it but not enough as yet to be effective. I did a damn fine job, though, as a typesetter using only code. Html is just different code. I'll master it, if I put my mind to it.

I'm going to the Teaching Zoo with the Digital Photography Meetup. And yeah, it will be fun. But, oh, look at that, the studio is just a stone's throw away, might as well go in and work. I've begun a new bracelet, made of the heavy copper wire from Lowe's (gauge 4 I think it is). I began it with a mind to making a companion piece for the collar I'm working on. Not sure, though, if they'll really blend. I've put a squiggle in each length of wire for the bracelet (also seven pieces, like the collar). But a choker with a similar squiggle would be nifty, too.

I have yet to work out a clasp for the bracelet. It will need something.

I searched through my toolkit and bags and have not found my piece of reticulation silver. This is all right as I still haven't dug out my brass scratch brush so I couldn't begin to depletion silver it anyway. I must sort out the car. I have decided to throw out the original clasp and make cones of the reticulation silver and thread something through them, possibly some kind of fiber.

I feel like the collar is slowly coming into focus. When I'm in the studio Saturday or Sunday I will get some more work done on it. I spent part of Wednesday evening straightening and annealing the 16 gauge square wire that I had wrapped around one of the strands. I'll need to make sure there's some drafting tape on hand; I think that will work okay for holding the square wire in place whilst I wrap it around the copper. I plan to use two pieces of it and crisscross them, weaving over and under. I still haven't decided how to attach the stuff.

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