Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Chased wedge t-fold, work in progress

Chased wedge t-fold, copper.

This is the first chased wedge t-fold that I opened the legs out on and then folded and crimped the legs.

It shows a fair amount of oxidation. I will probably clean it up when all is said and done. I might end up putting some sort of enamel on it, probably just a clear flux. Anything else would take attention away from the form itself.

I expect that I will eventually use it as the focal piece of a collar but as yet don't have a clear vision of the collar itself.

I also need to come up with a way to attach it to said collar. Soldering something onto it is always a possibility but one I want to steer clear of if at all possible.

Jump rings and their kind are a failure of imagination.

When I know what the collar is supposed to look like, the attachment will come clear.

All the chased wedge t-folds with opened, crimped, curled legs have a Rorschach test like effect on people--it's a fox head, etc.

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