Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Proof of life

It's amazing, I added a counter some weeks back and thought to check it. I've actually had people, who are not me, look at this blog. It's not like the numbers are threatening to drown me in a flood of followers but hell, someone looked.

The days are counting down 'til blogging class starts--two weeks. It's far enough off yet that I haven't got a case of butterflies or performance anxiety or what you will but close enough to be real. It's almost here.

Class this term is almost a placeholder. Same thing happened last summer. It's hard to get motivated to drag bags of metal and tools back and forth to the studio in this hot, humid weather. I'm looking forward to fall; I'm looking forward to nights where the temperature dips below 70 degrees; I'm looking forward to using a blanket (heck, I'm looking forward to using a sheet); I'm looking forward to a studio cool enough to use on weekends and a parking lot that doesn't radiate heat up through my bones.


Liz Crain said...

I am luvin' your blog! Blog more! Glad you are in this class!

verthandi said...

Wow! A comment! I've arrived. Or maybe not. Thank you. I often feel like I have to hold back, re blogging more (or anything more). Once I start writing, it's so easy to just keep going. It's that whole Prufrockian thing--do I dare to eat a peach? Thank you. I'm glad I'm in this class too. Glad you're here with me.