Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jellybeans glowed in the semi-gloom
of that september afternoon*

How perfect is the day when UPS leaves prezzies at your door? It's something I bought myself but those are some of the best kind.

The Fairy Princess alerted me that 'something was different, someone was here.' I had to investigate, though I knew what I'd heard was a car door slamming. How wrong I was! Oh my goodness, a brown box more than half filled with packing peanuts. I now have two different fluxes, each in two mesh sizes (the 6/20 sounds especially intriguing. I like things that are hmmm globby and unkempt). Kiln wash and cement. Millions of colors—at least six or seven—of liquid enamels (in dry powder). I'm hoping to make my first attempt at sgraffito this week.

Thompson Enamel, they don't have everything (they don't carry Schauer) but they sure have a lot. And if you're anywhere near Bellevue, Kentucky, they have classes and even make studio space available for enamelling projects. How wonderful is that? They also carry titles that you can't find at your local bookstore or even on Amazon. Someday I plan a pilgrimage.

I need to make a copy of Two Judges at the Weirsdale Keuring and see if I can figure out how to make a stencil of it. Thompson sells Pellon but I don't see how that would suit my purpose. Some sort of vinyl or plastic will be more useful. CFOP claims to make stencils. I did not inquire as to material, price or level of detail. I was in a hurry to find a hake brush for the kiln wash and then be on my way. A phone call should answer those questions, though. I'd like to find some place to scan my sketches on to disc for me. I want to include sketches from time to time to show you all what I'm doing, where I'm going and maybe bounce ideas off people. I've been stuck on how to complete the Jumblies Suite for a while now, the Jackapellis are no longer pleasing—they seemed whimsical, now they seem forced, I've got conflicting ideas about the Jackalope at Home, and so on.

I found a great blog, and boy howdy, the artist's a foldformer, too. My people, I love my people. We are a proud and a noble race. We use hammers. Her name is Wendy Edsall-Kerwin and her blog is Hammermarks . Oh, she does some beautiful work. She's got great foldformed cuffs (Cuff #1 ). She's also a fan of firescale—sigh. And what wonderful brooches and pendants—the girl rivets, dammit. She rivets! Foldforming and rivets and firescale. What's not to like? I'm especially drawn to the the Drunkard's Path Pendant.

So much work still to do on this blog. I wish I'd taken the time Thursday to talk to Mark about software that I might be able to use to make a banner for it. I don't like using the header gadget, it just is too rigid and not sparkly enough. Joining the Digital Photography Meetup was a great idea. I've met some nice people, finally got over to the Teaching Zoo and am meeting people who care a lot more about digital photography than I ever will (I miss film) and know all sorts of great tips, tricks and software. With their help, I'll be able to craft a much nicer header. Right now it's clunky, earnest, amateurish and dull.

Still, I have made some changes. I've added some stuff to the sidebar—a subscribe gadget and Blogs I Follow. I'm still trying to figure out how to rework my About Me bit, to add space between the me as metal artist and me as a bunch of other stuff. I'm toying with adding another gadget, a For Those of You Who Can't Get Enough Biographical Minutiae gadget (though that name isn't zippy enough—it lacks charm) and hiving off the non-metalworking stuff. I need to take more pictures, add more pictures (get rid of the blue background, shudder), and yes, and add those sketches. And how cool is this, I googled Feathered Horse Classic and keuring/weirsdale and lo and behold, my blog came up in third and fourth in the search. Whoa! I must use this power only for good.

Moti Kittenheart, the weather predicting cat, after a false start earlier this summer, has been cuddling with me consistently for the last few days. And the Noodle Cat took a nap—almost—with the Fairy Princess. Yep, that pumpkin is definitely getting frostier. I'm predicting sweater weather before the month is out. And if Moti's forecast holds, a first frost some time in October. Really going out on a limb here, but Moti knows her stuff.

*Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Janice Mason Steeves said...

HI Sookie,
I love the personal rambling style of writing that you have and how you are obviously so passionate about the work you do. Fun to read!
How do you like the book, Blogging for Bliss that you mention in your sidebar?

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for mentioning me in your blog! It's always great to find fellow fold formers.

Sookie said...


Thanks. When I try for a tighter, more formal style, I sound pedantic and sententious. Witness the use of pedantic and sententious. As I get more into the rhythm of doing this, of finding the right rhythm, I'm sure I'll be writing first drafts and letting them simmer for a few days and then editing them down.

I've found Blogging for Bliss to be a helpful book, especially after having done the class exercises. What I like best is the profiles of various bloggers and their blogs, with URLs.