Saturday, May 16, 2009

Summer Term has begun

Class started Wednesday. Sandi, Karen and I sat together at the table closest to the patio door. We were all lackluster but that is sure to change.

The new bunch, the ones who showed up, seem to be a good crop. One woman, the oldest, teaches at Lake City (or something). She learned enough fabrication recently to begin teaching it. There's a young woman with long hair who seems a little ditzy (her reaction to what put on the Studio Monitor form was--I mean, oy, just because it says 8 a.m. to midnight, doesn't mean you have to live there, right?) But obviously enthused enough about jewelry to request a monitor form right off. Another woman turned out to be a friend of the long-gone Olivia. I had to bite my tongue, no, we don't all miss her. She's not a bad sort, but too, hmmm, needy I suppose is what comes to mind. Pay attention to me, I'm a wacky artist, look, look, I do crazy stuff. Olivia's friend has tats and piercings. God, I'm getting so tired of them. There's one guy so far in class. I have even less of a sense of him than the others. There are several others signed up who didn't show. And the girl who's working as class helper/studio clean up girl. So far, though, the group has a very low toddler quotient. I am so happy.

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